Dr. Donald Morisky, Professor, Community Health Sciences

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Donald E. Morisky, Sc.D., has been given two of the most prestigious awards in health education. The Elizabeth Fries Health Education Award was given to him in 2006 by the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE). The award is for a health educator who has made a substantial contribution to advancing the field of health education or health promotion through research, program development, or program delivery. His research was identified as making outstanding contributions to theoretical modes for changing health behavior, developed and applied in the research setting, which demonstrate the potential to impact health outcomes in large populations. The award was accompanied by a cash prize of $25,000. In 2008 Dr. Morisky was honored with the Health Educator Mentor Award by SOPHE. This award recognizes individuals who have provided excellence in mentorship to health educators in their preparation, performance, and practice; and have served to successfully bridge the rift between practice and research.