2012-2013 UCLA Dickson Emeritus Professorship Award

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Charlotte Neumann, first Professor Emerita and now Research Professor in the School of Public Health, received her medical degree from Harvard at a time when women were an infrequent presence in the field in general and in academics in particular. After becoming a pediatrician and receiving a Masters Degree in Public Health, she began, with her husband Al, and soon her children, a life-long commitment to public and global health, especially India and east Africa. She has made significant contributions to the relationship between nutrition and immune function, and now, in ongoing work, to the relationship between nutrition and dietary quality on the disease-free life of HIV-infected mothers. To pursue this work she still travels to Africa several times a year. She is equally engaged in a longitudinal project on the reduction in obesity amongst Hispanic children in Los Angeles. She still teaches in the classroom and serves as a member and chair of a number of PhD committees. She is a Founder, Board Member and a still active participant in the Venice Family Clinic. She has been recognized with the Agnes Higgins Award for career-long contributions to maternal and fetal nutrition, Fellowship in the American Society for Nutrition; and recognized as a “living legend” by the Union of Nutritional Sciences.