Dr. Michael Lu awarded Hubert H. Humphrey Award for Service to America

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Dr. Michael Lu, MD, MPH, CHS faculty on leave to serve at the Human Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), was awarded the Hubert H. Humphrey Award for Service to America by the Department of Health and Human Services. This is one of the highest awards given annually to select individuals within HHS who have demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing the health and well-being of our nation’s citizens. 

Since joining HRSA in January 2012 Dr. Lu, with the help of the Maternal and Child Health Training program and that of the MCHB team,  launched the Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN) in the thirteen southern states that make up Public Health regions IV and VI.  The goal of the CoIIN is to reduce infant mortality and improve birth outcomes.  The states are utilizing multiple strategies to accomplish these goals including changes in reimbursement policies for elective C-sections prior to 39 weeks, training  childcare providers and home-visitors on safe sleep, developing messaging for the public on the importance of smoking cessation during pregnancy, and determining the level of need for a woman’s labor/delivery and subsequent policies on necessary transport

This collaborative has leveraged expert knowledge from all those involved.  And most importantly these innovations are based on sound science and innovative policy.  The award recognizes Dr. Lu’s leadership in this important initiative.

Congratulations Dr. Lu! The CHS Department Faculty, Students, Alumni, and Staff are proud of your accomplishments!