Professor Emerita Virgina Li's letter published in LA Times

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Professor Emerita Virginia Li's letter to the LA Times editor was published this weekend addressing why so much food is wasted at LAUSD.

Excerpt from article:

"My goodness, how times have changed.

When I was in public school in L.A. County, if we bought our lunch, we had to eat what the cafeteria lady put on our plate: a healthy entree, vegetables, fruit and milk. We weren't allowed to leave the lunch table until we ate every morsel.

I'll never forget the day I stuffed my brussels sprouts into my mostly empty milk carton in an attempt to outwit the teacher on cafeteria duty. She caught me, tore open the milk carton, dumped it all on my plate and ordered me to eat. To this day, the smell, sight or taste (perish the thought) of brussels sprouts produces a gag response.

It is an excellent idea to encourage students to include healthy options in their diets and to educate them about the long-term benefits. But forcing them to take a portion each of vegetables and fruit is an ineffective and wasteful approach."

Read the full article here:,0,4289725.story#ixzz2yJwYULkS