About CHS

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Our Vision

Health equity and well-being for all individuals and communities.

Our Mission

To understand and foster optimal health among diverse communities, the mission of the Department of Community Health Sciences is to (1) prepare students to be interdisciplinary, global leaders who can effectively address persistent and emerging public health issues, (2) conduct and disseminate innovative research on the social determinants of health, (3) translate the findings for public health practice, and (4) collaborate with communities in research and training.

About Us

The Department of Community Health Sciences is the academic department within the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health (FSPH) concerned with social and behavioral research applied to health, health promotion, and public health practice. Our focus is on programs, policies, and actions that can promote health in the context of social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental factors. Of particular interest is how social and cultural factors, social programs, the health care system, and social policies influence health beliefs and perceptions, health behaviors, and health status within populations. The department prides itself on its reputation of academic excellence and stellar research activities.

The CHS faculty is multidisciplinary and includes those whose primary training is in social sciences, behavioral sciences, medicine, nutrition, demography, economics, health promotion and education. The faculty maintains active research and training collaborations with a wide variety of agencies and departments both internal and external to the university. Additionally, many of the faculty pursue research at regional, national and international levels.

The department offers both masters and doctoral degrees. The curriculum integrates basic theories, research methods and programmatic strategies and applies them to real problems of human populations.

Most masters degree students receive the M.P.H. degree; however, there is also an M.S. degree, as well as a number of combined degrees with the M.P.H. The department also offers a weekend M.P.H. program for Health Professionals. Graduates of the masters programs generally assume positions in the planning, administration, and evaluation of public health programs and policies, both in the U.S. and abroad, which have as their objective the maintenance and improvement of the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations. Masters students may, if they choose, focus on the following areas during their course of study: health education and promotion, social and behavioral sciences, child and family health, public health nutrition, population, health policy, aging and the life course, international health, disasters and public health, and women's health.

In addition to the two masters programs, a doctoral program, Ph.D., is offered. Graduates of the doctoral program assume leadership positions in a wide variety of settings, including universities, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, international health agencies, and research centers. Doctoral students also select a minor area of focus. Ph.D. students focus on a field outside of SPH such as Sociology, Anthropology, Education, Economics, Psychology, and Women’s Studies among others.

Additional information on our academic programs can be found under “Degree Programs” listed under the Academics menu. If you have any further questions about admission or program requirements, you may e-mail the Department's Student Affairs Officer, Kathy Yi, at kathyy [at] ph.ucla.edu.