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Information about CHS classes, quarterly offerings, and the  Common Collaboration and Learning Environment (CCLE) can be found below. 

Description of CHS Courses, in UCLA General Catalog

The following files will be updated as changes are made. Please remember to check back on this page periodically for updated information.

2017-2018 Annual CHS Course Offerings - Updated 6/13/17

Fall 2017 CHS Course Schedule - Updated 6/21/17

2016-2017 Annual CHS Course Offerings - Updated 3/17/17

Spring 2017 CHS Course Schedule - Updated 4/04/17

Winter 2017 CHS Course Schedule - Updated 1/12/17

Fall 2016 CHS Course Schedule - Updated 9/14/16 

Syllabi Archive of CHS Courses - Log in required


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