Master's Project Guidelines

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This project gives students an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills gained through coursework to a specific problem of significance in the field of health education and health promotion. This project must include original work. It is completed over a one-year period and represents 8 units (2 courses) of work. It can include original research, design of an intervention, or an evaluation or other work. The nature and parameters are negotiated by the student and the supervising faculty member (Project Supervisor). The Project Supervisor may or may not be the student's academic advisor. Each Project Supervisor will spend at least 10 hours providing guidance to each student project and evaluating the preliminary and final papers. The final paper will be read and critiqued by both the Project Supervisor and an additional faculty reader.

The Master's Project can address general or specific questions; e.g. the effectiveness of a new family planning service or an evaluation of a Health Department Clinic (general); the role of the pediatrician in counseling parents of handicapped children; the utilization of nutrition counseling by pregnancy Mexican-American women (specific).

Human Subjects Approval for Master's Project Research

A student must secure written approval from the Human Subjects Committee prior to undertaking any study involving human subjects, and after consultation with his/her advisor. The student will be required to submit an outline of the proposed study, using the appropriate forms available from the Dean's Office or from the Office for the Protection of Research Subjects. If the student determines that an exemption is warranted, a "Statement of Exemption" form must be submitted for approval. It is the student's responsibility to submit the Human Subjects Committee Approval Application or exemption at least six weeks prior to the proposed date of commencement of research. 


Two forms must be submitted by each student

Please submit these both by the due dates to the MPH | HP Office regardless of who your Project Supervisor is. The office must have a copy filed by the deadlines in order for you to receive credit for the project.