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CHS Department Faculty and Research Interests

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Global Projects

Our faculty and students at the Fielding School of Public Health are actively engaged in research, service and training around the world. Use this Global Projects Map to explore current and recent research, training and service activities around the world that faculty and students at the Fielding School of Public Health are engaged in.

Core Faculty

Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Demography of health and aging, with particular focus on Latin American countries; Biodemographic patterns of health in adult populations; and Development and application of demographic methods to investigate health inequalities using macro and micro data.

Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences , Founding Director, Center for the Study of Racism, Social Justice & Health

Health equity; social epidemiology/social determinants of health; health implications of racism; conceptualization & measurement of race, ethnicity and related constructs; Public Health Critical Race Praxis (PHCRP)/Critical Race Theory; the HIV care continuum; HIV and aging;  sexual minority health; access to care.

Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences.

Structural and interpersonal racism; health inequalities; racial, ethnic, and immigrant populations; life course; stress; neighborhoods; Asian Americans.

Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Global sexual and reproductive health; maternal health; fertility preferences; male and female contraceptive methods; unintended pregnancy; abortion; HIV/AIDS; influence of gender and socio-cultural context on couple communication, reproductive decision-making and outcomes; mixed-method research.

Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Health communication research including implementation and evaluation of an FAS prevention campaign; pretesting and scripting of bioterrorism preparedness messages; risk communication for environmental hazards; entertainment media advocacy in areas of childhood disease prevention, injury prevention, smoking, and disaster preparedness; development of multimedia health curricula for children, patients, and providers.

Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Homelessness; global health; migration and immigrant health; social determinants of health; program planning and evaluation; longitudinal research design; survey design; administrative data analysis; international development

Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences and Department of Health Policy and Management

Global health; public health policy with a focus on regulation of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms; health services research focusing on primary health care organization, financing and delivery; health inequalities and social determinants of health; Latin America and Brazil.

Fred H. Bixby Chair and Distinguished Professor, Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences , Professor, Department of Sociology, Faculty Affiliate, California Center for Population Research, Director, Bixby Center on Population and Reproductive Health

Anne Pebley is a social demographer who works on a wide range of issues related to social inequality and the determinants of health, both globally and in the United States.  Her current research centers on four areas:  (1) immigration from Mexico and Central America and its consequences for health, (2) social stratification in labor force history and Latino-white differences in old age functional limitations, (3) neighborhood change in Los Angeles and family and child well-being, and (4) reproductive health in the Tibetan region of China.

Professor, Department Chair

Development and evaluation of community nutrition; health communication; health promotion interventions. Current projects include physical education in low-income schools; changing the food environment by engaging small business owners; using systems sciences to understand interventions’ impact on obesity in young children;  development of health literacy measures for West African youth. Works both locally and internationally (West Africa and Mexico).

Associate Professor

Global sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, family planning, and abortion; social determinants of health; global migration; health services, health equity; social contexts of adolescents and migrant youth; social policies and immigrant youth in the US; Asian and Pacific Islanders; Myanmar, Kenya, India, Asia

Assistant Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences , Faculty Associate, Bunche Center for African American Studies

Psychosocial Stress and Coping; African Americans; racial and SES health disparities; aging and the life course; mental-physical health comorbidities; maternal and child health; psychobiology of stress; biomarkers.

Professor, Department Vice Chair, Department of Community Health Sciences

Women's health and health disparities; social and behavioral determinants of women's health; psychosocial stressors and health; biopsychosocial models of women's health; biomarkers and allostatic load; complementary and alternative medicine; acupuncture.

Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Global health; reproductive, perinatal, child and adolescent health; environmental epidemiology; physical (air pollution, pesticides, toxics) and social environment; developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD); early life adversity; environmental equity; urban health; climate change; nutrition ecology; epidemiologic methods.  

Associate Professor, Director of Violence Prevention Research, UCGHI Women's Health, Gender and Empowerment Center of Expertise

Social epidemiology; qualitative research; population-based research; research ethics; intimate partner violence; campus-based sexual assault and dating violence; HIV/AIDS; congenital syphilis; alcohol and substance use problems; global health; Uganda and sub-Saharan Africa; sexual and reproductive health and rights; addressing violence in the health sector; gender disparities in health.

Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Social and physical environmental determinants of diet-related conditions with a focus on childhood obesity; immigrant food-related behaviors, and evaluations of nutrition programs for children

Affiliated Faculty

Adjunct Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Public health leadership and program development; managerial and policy solutions to community health issues

Adjunct Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Adolescents, alcohol, marijuana, tobacco use;  child health, juvenile delinquency, substance use prevention.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Associate Dean for Public Health Practice, and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Emergency public health (domestic & international); disaster relief; health education and health systems management; child health; reproductive health

Professor-in-Residence, Department of Community Health Sciences

Climate Change; Community Partnered Research; Community Resilience; Disasters; Evaluation; Heat Waves; Mental Health in Primary Care; Trauma; Violence Prevention

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Health disparities relative to race/ethnicity, gender and culture-based differences; health communication and health literacy; sociotechnical challenges in use of health information technologies such as telemedicine and mobile technologies among multicultural underserved populations; cancer and Asian Americans; qualitative and quantitative social research methodology and community-based participatory research approaches.

Professor in Residence, Department of Community Health Sciences

Health services research; maternal quality of care, cesarean delivery (appropriateness); VBAC, health disparities in pregnancy outcomes

Adjunct Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Preventive medicine; clinical informatics; value in healthcare; program evaluation; respiratory epidemiology; pharmaceutical and biotech industry; intentional disasters.

Adjunct Associate Professor

Maternal and child health; nutritional assessment with a focus on dietary quality; food security; health disparities of underserved populations; international nutrition

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Climate Change, Sustainable Dietary Patterns, and Food Security, specifically how the impacts of global climate change and variability affect the ability to grow sufficient food and calories in developing countries; in particular, Ethiopia.

  • Reduction, elimination and eradication of communicable diseases
  • International public health 
  • Epidemiology for evidence-based health policy
  • Mitigation of, preparedness for, and response to the natural occurrence, accidental release, or the deliberate use of biological agents 
Adjunct Associate Professor, Director for Research Administration
Adjunct Professor

meyer [at] law.ucla.edu (Ilan H. Meyer), Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Nutrition, obesity, physical activity and exercise, motivational interviewing and behavior change, pediatrics and child health

Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Rodriguez is professor and vice chair in the Department of Family Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, founding director of the UCLA Blum Center on Poverty and Health in Latin America, founding chair of the UCLA Global Health Minor, Co-Director of UCLA Firearm Violence Prevention Center,  and Founding Director of the Health Equity Network of the Americas, an international network with representatives from 26 countries.  Dr. Rodríguez is published widely in the areas of research that include, ethnic/racial and immigrant health equity, gun and domestic violence prevention, and primary care for immigrant populations. Dr. Rodríguez received his BS in Nutrition at the University of California, Berkeley; his medical degree from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA; his residency from UCSF’s Family Medicine Residency Program; his Master of Public Health degree at the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health; was a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar at Stanford University and a professor of family medicine at UCSF.

Associate Vice Provost of the Healthy Campus Initiative, Adjunct Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Breastfeeding policy and promotion; international maternal and child health; child nutrition with a focus on school based intervention programs; Pediatric Residency Education with a focus on Community Pediatrics

Adjunct Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Health risk assessment for local community disaster hazards using verified models;  defining priority rural Public Health issues including demographics of access to health care at the US-Mexico Border;   health care sector capacity in public health disasters, or the ability of the acute health care system to develop "surge" capacity in disasters;   exploration of current research techniques and methods used in public health disaster research.

Adjunct Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, Director, Bixby Program in Population and Reproductive Health

Reproductive health in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly of adolescents; community-based approaches to improve women and children's health in sub-Saharan Africa; performance of health providers in under-resourced clinics and hospitals

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Gerontology and aging; Health Disparities among the Older adult population; the Impact of racism / discrimination on health; the differential Impact of public policy on Diverse populations; social, health, and economic issues affecting minority elderly and their families

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
  • Higher Education
  • Recruitment and retention of underrepresented students in health professions

Emeriti Faculty

Professor Emeritus, Department of Community Health Sciences

Sociology of medicine and health promotion; complementary and alternative medicine

Professor Emeritus
Research Professor, Fielding School of Public Health Interim Director, UCLA Asian American Studies Center

Health disparities in cancer control among diverse ethnic populations; development of cross-culturally valid concepts and measures to expand existing behavior theories in PH using qualitative research methods, and applied through intervention studies primarily in the Asian American communities. Cultural competency training for health professionals, doctor/patient communication, and end-of-life care in multicultural populations

Professor Emeritus, Department of Community Health Sciences

Multicultural health communication, global health education and promotion, and women's empowerment and leadership development

Research Professor/Professor Emerita, Department of Community Health Sciences

International health emphasizing women’s reproductive health and HIV prevention in China; reproductive health indicators for rural areas of developing countries. Presently piloting tobacco substitution strategies in China

Professor Emeritus

Planning and evaluation of patient- and community-based health education programs; international health; adherence to medical recommendations; STI/HIV-AIDS prevention; hypertension, diabetes, and tuberculosis control (adolescents and adults). 

Research Professor/Professor Emerita, Department of Community Health Sciences

Nutrition research and intervention studies in Africa to improve growth, cognition, and school performance of Kenyan children and currently of HIV+ mothers and their children to slow disease progress and improve nutrition

Associate Professor Emerita, Department of Community Health Sciences

Public health impact of disasters; program planning and evaluation; international health; health in the Latino community

Professor Emerita, Department of Community Health Sciences

The impact of stress on health, psychological response to natural and human perpetrated disasters; obesity prevention for students and personnel in the Los Angeles Unified School District; health promotion in minority communities, with particular emphasis on chronic disease prevention