Anne Pebley

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Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences
Professor, Department of Sociology
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Full Time
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Areas of Interest: 

Demographic and population policy; maternal and child health; social determinants of health behavior

Dr. Pebley's research has focused on fertility and marriage patterns, children's health and welfare, and family organization in the United States and in other countries. She has collaborated with researchers and institutions in Central America, West, Central, and East Africa, and Bangladesh and India. Currently, most of her research is based on the Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey (L.A.FANS) which she co-directs with Narayan Sastry (University of Michigan).

Selected Courses: 
CHS 100: Introduction to Community Health Sciences
CHS 210: Foundations of Community Health Sciences
CHS 247: Population Change and Public Policy
CHS/SOCM 263: Social Demography of Los Angeles
CHS 286: Doctoral Roundtable
Selected Publications: 

Arenas, E., N. Goldman, A.R. Pebley, and G. Teruel. “Return Migration to Mexico: Does Health Matter?” Demography, 52(6):1853-1868, 2015.

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PhD, Sociology, Cornell University
MPS, International Development, Cornell University
BA, Comparative Communist Studies, Union College
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