Fees & Financial Support

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Cost of Program

The cost for each degree type and program can be found on Graduate Division's website.

  • MS and PhD students pay the Graduate Student Fees.
  • MPH and DrPH students pay the Professional Student Fees, which include the supplemental professional fee.

Financial Support

Financial support is available to both incoming and continuing graduate students from multiple sources; the Financial Aid Office, the University, the School of Public Health, the Department, Research Centers, and outside organizations. Please note that the majority of nominees for Schoolwide funding opportunities are selected through department nomination.

  • The UCLA Financial Aid office provides information on need-based student loans and work-study awards.
  • The Graduate Division website provides more information on University and outside opportunities for entering and continuing students.
  • The Fielding School of Public Health has a limited number of interest-based fellowships and scholarships for Masters and Doctoral students. Formal announcements and fellowship applications for School funding opportunities are sent out to continuing students via email upon availability throughout the academic school year. For incoming students, recipients of awards will be notified with their admissions letter. There is no separate application process.
  • The Department of Community Health Sciences has a small amount of funds available. These funds are very limited and are awarded to a few incoming students on the basis of scholarship and financial need. For incoming students, recipients will be notified with their official admission letter. There is no separate application process. For current students, call for applications will be announced as funding becomes available throughout the academic shool year.
  • The FSPH associated Research Centers function as part of the department but manage their own fellowships and traineeships. Please make sure to check each of their websites for opportunities.
  • On-Campus Employment: Many students also obtain part-time academic apprentice positions such as Graduate Student Researchers, Readers/Special Readers, or Teaching Assistants with faculty either at the School of Public Health or elsewhere on campus. All on-campus employees are paid a salary. In addition, students who maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better and are appointed to academic apprentice positions for at least 25% time (10 hours a week) while enrolled in a minimum of 12 units are eligible to receive the fee remission benefit which covers at least 98% of [resident] tuition, excluding the professional fee for MPH and DrPH students. Full time graduate students participating in the regular daytime masters and doctoral programs cannot be employed over 50% time at UCLA. Download the Overview of Requirements and Benefits for Academic Student Employees guide for additional information regarding on-campus employment and benefits.