Nicole Monastersky Maderas, M.P.H. 2003

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At Pharmacy Access Partnership, a center of the nonprofit Pacific Institute for Women’s Health, Maderas has made noteworthy accomplishments in expanding access to vital reproductive health services in California through private pharmacies. As a program administrator, Maderas has been at the forefront of providing educational opportunities to pharmacists about the clinical and psychosocial aspects of women’s health while also conducting research on consumers’ and health care professionals’ opinions about contraceptive access. She has developed a collaborative group of partner organizations – regional and national – that is seeking changes in laws and regulations to improve access to birth control products. She also conducts outreach to community-based organizations, informing women and men that pharmacists are available to help meet their reproductive health needs. Maderas introduced and now manages a program to enhance pharmacy services in the Latino community, and is creating a new initiative to promote pharmacy environments that meet the needs of adolescents.