Health Communication Research: Health Literacy, Social Media, Popular Media, Risk Communication

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Principal Investigator: Deborah Glik

al Both domestically and internationally, the field of health communication has been growing exponentially over the past few decades as we shift from analog to digital technologies and adopt new research and practice strategies. Mike Prelip and I have an NIH Fogarty BSS grant to build research capacity in Senegal in regards to health communication and youth populations using both qualitative and survey research. For that grant we are working with CEFOREP and RAES, two African NGOs, developing survey measures of health and media literacy among West African youth. Related to this project, RAES ( Reseau Africain d’Education pour la Santé) is now in process of launching  a popular television show (C’est La Vie), funded by CANAL+, with aims to improve health care literacy and use of health care services of general population in West Africa. We’d like to evaluate the show’s impact using our survey measures, and also provide Hollywood technical assistance: behind-the-scenes help to make the show great, funds permitting.  I have also done work in domestic risk communication for disasters for over a decade, as well as work with new media (texting) for adolescents and adults with a recently finished RO1. As a lead researcher for the CPHD PERRC project, I am now (with Eisenman and Prelip) putting finishing touches on ICEDT: inter-organizational community engagement for disasters toolkit for CDC. 

Project Staff

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