Specializations and Certifications

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Any degree-seeking student UCLA may complete a specialization and/or certificate program.


Health Education/Promotion

Offered by the Department of Community Health Sciences. Students interested in this area can select coursework to meet the requirements for the Society for Public Health Education. Completing the specialization does not confer a certificate. This specialization prepares students/recent graduates to take the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam, a nationally recognized certification program. Please click here for more information about the exam.

Public Health and Disasters

Offered by the UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters (CPHD). This specialization explores the adverse health effects of disasters and the public health and emergency management principles that can be applied to reduce those effects. Students interested in specializing in this area are advised to follow an academic pathway that includes four core courses through the Center for Public Health and Disasters. Students who satisfactorily complete the four courses will be given a letter outlining their specialization in the area of public health and disasters. In addition to these four courses, it is recommended that students meaningfully participate in a disaster-related research project or a relevant field internship, such as with an emergency or public health agency. Students who satisfactorily complete the research or internship will be given a letter outlining their specialization with distinction in the area of public health disasters.  

CPHD website

Contact: cphd [at] ph.ucla.edu, (310) 206-0129

Certificate Programs

To complete a certificate program, students must be an UCLA degree seeking student. For more information about a particular certificate, please contact the respective Center offering the program.

Child and Family Health Leadership Training Program

Offered by the UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families, and Communities. This training program provides interdisciplinary training in maternal and child health (MCH) practice, research, and policy analysis for health professionals and public health professionals enrolled in either the masters of public health (MPH) or doctoral (PhD, DrPH) program at the UCLA School of Public Health. The program offers advanced professional training in the design of family-centered health services; formulation and analysis of policy options; advocacy for children and families; leadership skill development; research; and evaluation of health systems serving mothers, children, families, and communities. Trainees receive professional development and summer stipends along with additional financial support to attend conferences and training opportunities. Tuition and fees may be covered based on need.

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Contact: chcfc [at] ucla.edu, (310) 794-0967 

Food Studies Certificate

Offered through the Department of Community Health Sciences, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. With food security and environmental sustainability becoming increasing global concerns, there is an urgency to educate the next generation of leaders. The Food Studies Graduate Certificate Program offers UCLA PhD, MA, and professional school students the opportunity to investigate this growing field through an interdisciplinary curriculum. The program will prepare students from diverse disciplines to address complex topics in food cultures and histories, nutrition and public health, food policy and food justice, and urban planning and the environment.

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Contact: foodstudies [at] ph.ucla.edu

Global Health Certificate

Offered by the Center for Global and Immigrant Health. This certificate recognizes a student's capability to work as a public health or health care professional with a global health perspective. It will provide students with broad-based knowledge in global health, and can serve as a valuable qualification and differentiator in an increasingly competitive job market. 

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Contact: globalhealth [at] ph.ucla.edu

Leaders in Sustainability Certificate

Offered by the Institute of the Environment & Sustainability. This certificate gives students the tools to make products, services, operations and lives more sustainable in a collaborative, action-oriented setting. By bringing together diverse academic focuses, this certificate program fosters cross-pollination for innovative ideas and solutions. 

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Population & Reproductive Health

Offered by the UCLA Bixby Center on Population and Reproductive Health. The certificate is for students who wish to develop expertise in population and reproductive health. The certificate represents the completion of appropriate coursework and fieldwork, and competency in population and reproductive health policies and programs, socioeconomic and behavioral factors, program design and evaluation, health education, and ethics and advocacy.  

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Contact: Rachel Veerman, rveerman [at] ucla.edu